Customer Registration

Wholesale Customer Disclosure

We do offer wholesale accounts to retailers in the art industry.

Accounts are approved on an individual basis within 24hours.

We reserve the rights of approval or denial.

Discounts will show in cart before purchase.

Discounts are not offered on all products shown on this site.

Currently I am not set up as a true wholesale company, therefore applicable taxes will apply to your order.

A physical location of business open to the public in a non-residential location is required.

(Basically, you have to have a store, be in a store or mall.  Selling online only or out of your home does not meet the requirements Of physical location) We ask that all retailers follow MSPR online.  You may go above (within reason), but not below.  That includes public sites such as EBAY or ETSY, your own website or Facebook.  Undercutting is a nasty game that in the end devalues the product and hurts us all.

Pricing in your physical stores may be priced as you feel fits your clientele

Orders are typically shipped within 2-3 business days, sometimes same day!

Any items not in stock will ship to you within 10 days.

Wholesale Registration Request